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JD 360L Hydraulic Thumb Kit

JD 360L Hydraulic Thumb Kit

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The JD 360L Hydraulic Thumb is custom built to fit the JD 360L excavator. The thumb is hand crafted from stainless steel and TIG welded together to ensure a strong joint. The kit comes with everything needed to assemble and use the hydraulic thumb. The hydraulic cylinder mount needs to be secured on the stick of your machine with 4 bolts so the kit comes with a drill bit and an M2 tap. The bucket will need to be slightly modified in order to fit the thumb. 


Next Batch Estimated Ship Date: December 15 2023


1x JD 360L Hydraulic Thumb Kit 

1x 1.7mm Drill Bit 

1x M2 Tap 

4x M2 Mounting Bolts 

x4 M3*4mm elbow fittings 

x4 M3*4mm straight fittings 

x1 4*2.5mm hose (3 meters)

x50 M3 washers 

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