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Hydraulic Hobbies

Hydraulic Hobbies 1.7 Rim Hub Covers

Hydraulic Hobbies 1.7 Rim Hub Covers

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Our all new Hydraulic Hobbies 1.7 Rim Hub Covers are the perfect way to customize your truck to the next level. The covers fit all of our rear axle hubs. 

Assembly Instructions:

Start by removing the stock hardware on your aluminum rims. Replace the lug nuts and studs with the included M2 bolts. Place the double sided tape insert on the axle hub. Remove the protective film to expose the tape. Firmly press the hub cover onto the hub.

Included in a set of 4:

  • 4 Rim Hub Covers
  • 40 M2*8 Bolts 
  • 4 Double Sided Tape Inserts

Included in a set of 6:

  • 6 Rim Hub Covers
  • 60 M2*8 Bolts 
  • 6 Double Sided Tape Inserts

*The kits include only the hub covers and not the rims. If you are looking to purchase our aluminum rims please find them on our website. Our rim covers are made to fit only our range of aluminum rims.

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