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BM Model 1:14 374NG Excavator

BM Model 1:14 374NG Excavator

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The BM Model 1:14 374NG excavator is a great competitor for current models on the market. The doors on all sides open up to allow for easy access. The excavator comes standard with a custom made 3 way valve block, lights all around the machine. The machine is a great combination of both detail and performance. We also have various buckets available for the model. 


Shipping Included

  • 1:14 Scale BM Model 374NG Excavator
  • Stock with a 3 way hydraulic valve
  • One 1.2LPM TRW Pump head with an ultra quiet 5055 motor. 

Included in the box:

1x BM Model 374NG Excavator

1x Standard stainless steel bucket

1x Fly sky I6S remote

1x Li-ion battery (Shipped separately)

Depending on when you order it might take between 2 weeks and 1 month to ship the excavator. After ordering you will receive a confirmation email with exact details and a date when the excavator will be shipped. 

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