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1:14 BM Model 374FL

1:14 BM Model 374FL

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The BM Model 1:15 374FL excavator is a piece of artwork. The doors on all sides open up to allow for easy access. The excavator comes standard with a custom made 3 way valve block, lights all around the machine and a ripper

The price includes shipping and all necessary payment transaction fees. Upon checkout shipping will be marked as free and there will be no other fees. Due to the value of the model the transaction will be done via bank transfer. Please send us a PM on Facebook or send us an email to complete your order. 



  • 1:14 Scale BM Model 374FL Excavator
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Body 
  • Custom Made planetary gearboxes for the track motors and the turntable motor 
  • One 1.2LPM TRW Pump head with an ultra quiet 5055 motor. 

Included in the box:

1x BM Model 374FL Excavator

1x Standard stainless steel bucket

1x Ripper

1x Fly sky I6S remote

Depending on when you order it might take between 2 weeks and 1 month to ship the excavator. After ordering you will receive a confirmation email with exact details and a date when the excavator will be shipped. 

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