Kabolite K336 Excavator

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The K336GC is a great excavator for everyone who is looking to get into the hobby without breaking the bank. It comes RTR with an easy to use I6S remote. The 1:16 scale excavator is fully hydraulic similar to the real machine. At 9.2kg you can easily carry the machine to any job site you wish. 


  • 1:16 Kabolite K336GC excavator 
  • Full metal body 
  • Comes with an I6S remote
  • Operating Weight with oil: 9.2kg

Included in the box:

1x Kabolite K336GC excavator 

1x Kabolite K336GC Instructions Manual 

1x I6S remote 


Just like all our other scale models the price includes all necessary transaction fees and shipping fees. The excavator will be shipped with DHL worldwide express and should arrive to your door within 3-5 business days.